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Brachiosaurus (brak-ee-oh-sore-us) was a large Sauropod that lived in North America, and Asia during the Late Jurassic.


The remains of Brachiosaurus are somewhat incomplete, so the true size of the creature is not certain. However, upper estimates place its length at 21-27 meters and height at 13-15 meters. Brachiosaurus also possessed a somewhat distinctive head. Its skull was tall and fairly stout for a Sauropod.

The living creature[]

Brachiosaurus would have probably been a high browser, capable of feeding on treetops. This would have allowed it to avoid competition with other herbivores such as Stegosaurs and smaller Sauropods. Large predators like Allosaurus could have posed a threat to younger individuals, but adult Brachiosaurus might not have had any natural predators.


Brachiosaurus is one of the most famous Sauropods, perhaps only behind Brontosaurus. Despite this, limited material has made it hard to determine much about this genus. The species B. brancai was moved to the genus, Giraffatitan.