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Mapusaurus (map-oo-sore-us) was a genus of large predatory dinosaur that lived in Patagonia, Argentina during the Mid Cretaceous.


The size of Mapusaurus is uncertain. Conservative estimates indicate it could have at least reached 11.5 meters in length, over 3.5 meters in height, and been around 5,500 kg.

As a Carcharodontosaur, Mapusaurus would have had a large head with serrated teeth.

The living creature[]

Mapusaurus could have been similar in size to its relative, Giganotosaurus, and, therefore, would have been an apex predator. Some evidence suggests it hunted in packs, meaning that it would be more effective against large herbivores like Argentinosaurus.


The discovery of multiple Mapusaurus specimens together has suggested pack hunting behavior. The capability of dinosaurs to hunt in packs is still being debated. However, this does make Mapusaurus a landmark discovery.