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Shunosaurus (shoo-no-sore-us) is a genus of Sauropod that lived in China during the Late Jurassic. It is most known for a club-like bone on the end of its tail.


Large Shunosaurus are estimated to have reached 9.5 meters in length and about 3.5 meters in height. Mass estimates reach 3,000 kg.

Shunosaurus is most known for a spikey "club" made out of bones on the end of its tail. It also had a relatively short neck by Sauropod standards.

The living creature[]

The use of the club on the tail of Shunosaurus is not certain, but it is believed to have been a defense mechanism. It would have presented a formidable threat to any predators, as a lump of bone swung by a powerful Sauropod tail would be able to seriously wound any medium-sized theropod.


The tail club of Shunosaurus is one of several other interesting defense mechanisms among Sauropods. Others including spines in Amargasaurus and armor in Saltasaurus. It is assumed that more Sauropod genre might have possessed a tail club similar to Shunosaurus.